sunday favorites

A new feature, combining my favorite images and reads from the week. Enjoy!

Oh, how I love May Day. My favorite Waldorf festival.

IMG_0248 IMG_0320

Today we took a trip to Rodman Slough, one of the prettiest spots in our neighboring Lake County. We used to live right down the highway from this spot. I got to break in my new prescription sunglasses, and… oh man. Why didn’t I get these years ago?! Life is so much less overwhelming. (If you’re wondering, I bought them online from Zenni.)

IMG_0086 IMG_0096 IMG_0105 IMG_0134 IMG_0143 IMG_0154 IMG_0166 IMG_0178 IMG_0188 IMG_0202 IMG_0209 IMG_0217

And some link love…

I did laugh at that cartoon in the New Yorker, but I agree with Shauna that celiac is no laughing matter.

Having been drawn to radical collapse groups in the past, I appreciated this article from Root Simple.

If I can find a suitable corner in my house, I’m hoping to try this DIY kids’ reading nook.

Selling the Myth of the Ideal Mother. The title says it all.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky’s workout is the most doable I’ve seen.

What I Learned From Gay Sex. Poignant.

Just plain cool: a single drop of seawater.

My favorite read of the week: the Fat Nutritionist sums it all up in one perfect post.

Stuff I want to make: Cucumber Mint Limeade (BRING IT ON, SUMMER) and Josey Baker’s Adventure Bread (a dude named Josey? I melted).

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